Will a 2x4GB 1600 MHz Ripjaws work on my ASRock N-68 S UCC?

Hi everybody,
i'm about to purchase some better new RAM, and i've decided to make it for a 2x4GB 1600 MHz GSkill Ripjaws. So, the theme is if them would work properly with my mother ( and my CPU, an AMD Phenom II X4 960T (
Many people had told me them will do so, but some other had tell me they wouldn't. So, as far as i'm concerned, although de QVL list for my mother is really unupdated (i do have a pair of 2GB DDR3 667 MHz slots) but it says they're up to DDR3 1600, and, if i have an AM3 CPU (such as the 960T if i ain't wrong), they should work properly.
But please, i would need a verified opinion for this, so, please, help me.

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  1. no it will not work because your mobo supports only DDR2 1066 while GSkill Ripjaws is ddr3 and 1600 MHz
  2. DDR2 vs DDR 3. It will not work.
  3. Hi, thank you both for answering my thread. I'm sorry for being so doubtful, but in this page, the OFFICIAL one from the Mobo and in english, it says ''Supports Dual Channel DDR3 1600/ DDR2 1066''. I remember the spanish one was like this a couple of days ago, but this one still remains like this. Any chance now it might support it?


    Edit: I'm sorry, i mistyped my mobo at first. I pasted the link for the N68-S UCC, while mine is N68C-S UCC. This changes it all, i think it would support it then. Thank you btw :)
  4. the english one is N68"C"-S UCC while the spanish one you posted is N68-S UCC which one is yours?
  5. Mine is the N68''C''S- UCC, the one from the english site
  6. Best answer
    oh then yes it should work :)
  7. Great!! Thank you for your help dandn0ten. And one more question, to you or anybody who may know it. Is there any performance difference between the Ripjaws and the Sniper models, both from GSkill, DDR3 and 1600 MHz?
    Best regards
  8. basically they are about the same but just different in spreader (heat sink) which ripjaws is taller than sniper but in looks, sniper seems to be cooler
  9. great, thanks a lot dandn0ten. The snipers should work as well in that case, right?
  10. Only thing you might encounter is the CPU having trouble carrying 1600 sticks, it may well take extra voltage to DRAM and the CPU/NB (where voltgae is supplied to the MC (memory controller))... Of the Phenom IIs they generally are considered to top at 1333 sticks, up till the 965 Rev 3c which was the 1st to be considered effective w/ 1600 sticks
  11. oh damn, but thanks for the info Tradesman! Will the PC anyway boot, although the performance of the RAMs go down to 1333 MHz? or it will simply doesn't start? Thanks!!
  12. Hopefully it will boot up to the mobo defaults :)
  13. Well, anyway, it's great news for me. I just wanted to get more RAM and with a higher frequency and, obviously, DDR3. Thank you all guys for helping me with this issue :)
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