Intel i5 or AMD fx - 8350 for future proof.ish gaming?

Okay I know this has been asked before but all the answers are from early to mid last year and answers are very mixed so i wanted to get an up to date opinion on the matter.

I want to be able to play games such as Watch Dogs and games with similar spec requirements ( above high settings at 1080p single screen.

Now i am thinking of building this
if an i5 would be better can someone please tell me why and possibly make some suggestions as what to get I'm not too familiar with intel CPUs...or motherboards for that matter.

any help would be great, thanks.
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  1. currently intel leads the market. their cpus have better performance, lower power consumption and generate less heat. the only front which they lose on is on price (which amd leads). also of note is that the cpu thermal tolerances are quite a bit higher on intel chips than amd.

    with that said, if going for a budget build there is nothing wrong with picking up a 8320 (suggested) or 8350 and overclocking it into the realm of i5 performance. this would work out great and for more than $100 cheaper you will have a comparable system to the i5 on at least the performance standpoint.
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    Intel is leading in CPUs but compared to price.....amd fx series is doing just fine. I currently run fx 8320 oc'd to 4.43 and it's sweet. It was cheaper that Intel that's for sure. I grabbed it at micro enter back in late February for $99.....YES $99. Couldn't pass it. Saved a little bit on cpu and got better graphic cards. People say fx series runs hot but mine stays cool even with prime 95 max temp on core was 44 with ambient 18 and socket 55 so I think it's really good temp for power hog as fx is. I hope that helps. Good luck.
  3. well.. actual temps will vary with your ambient as well as what cooler you have on it and what case it is in. i agree though that the 8320 is a great deal for anyone on a budget
  4. okay thanks guys i think i'll probably go for AMD for price and I'm thinking that as developers get used to the new gen consoles the 8 cores of the FX will become more relevant and as said i can over clock it to become just as good as the i5
  5. price? my i5 was only $15 or so more, and it was to replace my old fx rig, they will both do the job but I went intel for the first time for these reasons.. lower power use for performance.. amd AM3+ is now kinda dead in the water for me so why would I buy something today that I already had 4 years ago? nothing new here.. I know intel anit hot new but I never used intel until now so it was new to me.. so far the intel build went together nice and smooth no issues from first power on, I cant say that for any of my AMD builds. so far I am well pleased with this intel build, and now wonder if I should have jumped the AMD boat earlier.[??] what did AMD come up with for there AM3+ ?? a 220w chip. like wow anit my power bill high as it is with out that?? I don't have a ''top end'' rig but it will do all I need real well. so far this i5 seems to be sweet all I wonder now is how mush better would the i7 be for that extra $100?? as of right now today I don't miss AMD at all . now my buddy still runs a 8150 and he is good with it and was looking to replace it with a 8350. I asked him why? its like having an old ragged out car and you put a new motor in it in the end its still an old ragged out car. so I just wanted something a little more fresh and AMD did not offer that.
  6. @monkey... i do believe a few counterpoints are in order...

    *for starters, the i5-4670k is about $230 on average while the fx-8350 is about $190. that is a $40 difference unless you count sales (which could occur for either chip keep in mind). you also have to keep in mind the prices for overclockable boards (z87 or 970/990 chipset) which generally pricing favors the amd boards just a bit. with that said... i completely agree that for the $50-60 difference in price it makes sense to go with intel. however, if you went with an fx-8320 instead for $150 (or got it on sale for $125) then you could save about $80-100 compared with an intel build (if you count MB prices) which makes it much more of a lucrative choice considering you can overclock it to similar performance levels as the i5.

    *you can have build issues with either amd or intel builds. this isnt the fault of the chip typically but more the other hardware you have chosen. i've set up many amd and intel builds and it really doesnt matter a whole lot.

    *you mention the 220w chips that amd has produced (like the fx-9590) however these really arent in the price range of the i5. they are more in the price line of the i7 chips and are meant to compete with them not the i5. i do agree that those chips really arent all that great when compared to the i7 lineup though.

    *you say that the am3+ lineup is dead but the same is likely true for the 1150 socket as well. both are very likely to develop a new cpu socket for their future hardware so if you use either right now you are likely to be in the same boat.

    *as far as the power bills are concerned... we arent talking about a whole lot of extra cash to run. the 8350 is non/oc is rated at about 40w more tdp than the i5-4670k. if you use the computer for 8 hours a day for a year we are talking about $10 year more (or about $17 if you count all the extra taxes power companies add to their figures). do consider that draw will vary by your task as well. in general... its not a huge deal.

    *its opinion that you dont miss amd at all or how you feel they arent good. my own opinion is that yes, intel does have a better product at this moment however at a low budget level amd can certainly be competitive (such as with an 8320 and overclocking).
  7. I guess that's all well and good I wish I lived were the power bill was cheap, but heres a point to ponder..... if these AM3+ chips were so good and AMD's top desktop chip why are they using old Athlon chips for there apu"s would you not think they would use there best chips and put the on chip graphics on them instead of falling back to Athlon ?? I have fooled with AM3+ since they first came out and i'll tell you I don't miss them.. my last best AMD build was an old 590sli build .. I was not trying to say intel is god or nothing like that and I may have spoke too soon on it seeing this is my first intel build and so far I cant complain . I have always built AMD from back in there scocket A days [and that dude is still running today]. in all my 3 AM3+ builds and refits I was never satisfied with them, and I think AMD knows this due to there not using them for there FM line up. I mean why would you go with a ''lesser'' Athlon chip when theres a ''better'' AM3+ chip for that?? that kinda sealed that deal for me.. but hay man like you said its just an opinion..
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