Can using a under powered laptop charger make my notebook shut down under heavy load?

I have a XMG P501 gaming laptop based on Clevo P150HM models at the moment connected to an under powered laptop charger. It is shutting down when under heavy load (3dmark, some games in particular) even if neither the CPU nor the GPU temperatures are in critical ranges. I tried removing the battery, it does not make a difference. It works just fine when idling or playing low demanding games; it's able to charge the battery.

The original power supply got fried by plugging it to an electric outlet when travelling on a bus and since I could not find the original model at any local shop, (it's a FSP-Group FSP180-ABAN1 180W 19V/9.47A power supply) for the time being I have to work with the highest powered charger I was able to find around here and that is a 19V/7.5A power supply (I've already ordered an original replacement but it will be delivered in about two week).

My question is: can the temporary under powered universal charger I've bought be the culprit of those shutdowns? Or is internal circuitry/motherboard damage an option since it all happened because of a power surge?
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    Probably. The adapter is rated that high for a reason, because the laptop under full usage, needs that much power and you're not giving it enough. Seems simple enough........
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