Will this CPU work with my setup?

Hey guy, I have another quick question. So far, I have enjoyed my stay, everyone is very helpful. Anyways, I need to know if I can upgrade my CPU to this newer model. I currently have an intel DP965 LE Motherboard, but I would like to know if this motherboard is upgradable to an intel core 2 extreme. I had some guys trying to help me in a different thready (thanks!), but I thought it would be best to ask in the CPU thred, to get a second opinion. I am having a hard time finding the resources to tell me this, so ANY help is appreciated. Thank!
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  1. Do you mean the DP965LT LE? If so, then it is supported!
  2. No sadly I mean the LV. I think that it is specific to Gateway PCs. Do you think that with my Gateway BIOS I can run it regardless? They are supposed to be practically the same. Thanks!
  3. The LV supports Intel Core 2 Extreme dual core, but not quad core, so it depends what kind your getting.
  4. Wow, thanks! I was going to get the dual. Where did you find that by the way, I would really like to keep it for reference. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks. So, I CAN use a core 2 duo extreme, and I CAN use any PCI express graphics card. Also, it says that it is a Micro BTX board? Last questions man, thanks.
  6. It says I can only go up to a core 2 duo at 2.66, but since the architecture is the same in the extreme with the same frequency it affirms work right ? Sorry, just trying to get an understanding.
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    The main issue with getting a processor is finding the right chipset for your motherboard. It should work the same if the architecture is the same. What do you plan on using this machine for?
  8. Light gaming. I want to play a couple casual games on it, and then the standard stuff like office. I guess since the extreme is dual core, same frequency, and LGA 775, it should work. Even if it doesnt and I insert it into the motherboard but it doesnt work, will it break?
  9. Not if you install it correctly. Even if the processor is right, the pins are very fragile. Just be careful in the installation and it will be okay, even if the chipset is wrong. The worst that will happen (other than breaking the pins) is that the computer won't start up for the lack of reading a processor.
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