Recommend me a GPU for my A10-6700k (it has built in HD8670D Graphics Card)

Hello everyone!

Thanks to this website -- in a way of course -- I fixed my computer's internet connection before by simply going to wired-route.

Anyways, I'm currently planning to upgrade my computer...

I have a Lenovo H535 with the following specs:
AMD A-10 6700 APU with Radeon HD 8670D Integrated Graphics Card
8 G Ram
Windows 8

Which brings me to this question:

What GPU should I buy in order to upgrade my computer?

My limit is $300 and I wish to have no complications throughout the process and oh I preferably don't want to crossfire it as I'm still a very amateur individual in regards to computer. And oh, that $300 will need a 600 watt power supply as well so let's just say $250...

In any case, I've been researching about APU resently since I got scared because my friend told me my cpu will bottleneck if I use the "good" graphics card. And another problem is the fact that I'm using an APU instead of CPU? Might this be a problem? I don't want my old card to interfere with my future card in the future of course; so no crossfire or dual-cards. Just a basic install a new GPU and tada...

So basically my next question is:

Is my APU viable for discrete GPU upgrade despite the fact that it already has its own integrated graphics card?

Finally, I'm a gamer. MMORPG gamer to be exact and I've been playing ArcheAge lately -- I got into Alpha without buying it -- and I play on semi-ultra settings with 20 fps @ 1900 x 1080 resolution. If possible, I want to max my graphics with same resolution and get at LEAST 35 FPS and I'll be happy. I won't upgrade my CPU, I'll do that when I build my new computer in the future.

Oh and lastly, can someone give me a site where I can start learning how computers work with the likes of CPU, GPU, etc because I want to learn how to differentiate between each CPU, GPU, etc.

Thanks so much THW community!

- Edit -

Feel free to ask me questions about my questions, I can give info so long as I can find it, if it's too specific, please kindly give steps as to how I can get it.
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    I would recommend 270x @ 200. If you want to spend more, a gtx 760 is 12 percent better @ 250. Make sure your motherboard has 16x pcie slot and you have power supply of at least 450 watts. Also, going discrete is massively better than going with on board graphics or even a hybrid crossfire of on board graphics and 6670. With 270x or gtx 760, you will be running max graphics @ 1080p from 45-60 frames for almost any game :).

    The R9 280 is a great choice for AMD, if you prefer Nvidia then this:

    As for sites about learning the internals of pc, I'm at a stump here. I self taught myself man, over the last couple of years. I'm nowhere near an expert, I still need to put together a decent pc, but I've ripped them apart and put them back together.

    Edit- here's a 760, it's around 250 bucks-
  3. Yes so there won't be a problem with me installing a discrete gpu card on it? Some individuals told me that it has to be dual cards in order for it to work while others told me that it has to be crossfire, i'm super confused.

    Also is there anyway I can find out how many pcie slot my computer has without opening the case? Mine is Lenovo System Model 10117
  4. Woah woah, that's a whole nother story. I thought you had a custom build for a second, give me a sec.
  5. Firstly, what power supply do you have, how many watts?
  6. Not a custom build, i bought it as I'm too much of an amateur to build my own computer.

    I currently have 260 watts and of course I'm planning to upgrade it first so just imagine it to have 600 watts ^^
  7. Had to be crossfire? Absolutely not. It's as simply as placing card in pcie slot, plugging power connectors, firing up system and installing drivers.
  8. That's a relief, I don't want to have troubles till I actually have a background experience but now I'm having trouble between picking ak47jar3d and Diox55 as the answer, we'll see in the the coming replies but so far thanks!
  9. PrincipeCapio said:
    That's a relief, I don't want to have troubles till I actually have a background experience but now I'm having trouble between picking ak47jar3d and Diox55 as the answer, we'll see in the the coming replies but so far thanks!

    Prince, I still recommend the low profile 750 Ti, I couldn't track down pictures of the inside of your case, so its better to be safe than sorry. If it will fit in my Optiplex 755, then in should fit in the lenovo, heres link again:

    Edit- The 270 is more powerful, and I can't find any info on the card so it'll be better to go with something we know will fit for now right?
  10. Alright, I'm still thinking about that 760 Ti and MSI R9 270x but if I ever find out that MSI is too big, then I'll go with 760 Ti.

    Eitherway, I got my answer. Thanks Diox55 and ak47jar3d!

    I really can't find the solution but ak47jar3d answered most of my question with Diox55 providing me a really helpful background so in the case of foundation of the thread... Anyways! Thanks to you so much! I have bookmarked both GPU and hopefully if plan goes smooth I will buy either one in a month or two :)
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