Creating Batch Script to Move Files to other directory

Hi Support,

I need help to create a batch file. I am just a normal IT Support guy, dont know how to create batch script. I will appriciate if someone could help me. My requirement as below,

I have 2 directory which is Directory A & Directory B.

Users will drop document files in Directory A. I want the file in directory A automatically move to Directory B, But the file should be moved by creating new folder in Directory B. The folder name shud be the date it been moved.

I will create a schedule task to run the batch file.. Someone please help.

Thank You.
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    you'd want to do this in VBscript (VBS)

    if you google VBS for cutting/copying/pasting files... there will be tons of stuff.
    same goes for creating a folder based on date/time

    in task scheduler, you could have a batch file that kicks off your VBS

    as long as directory A and directory B are static, it's not too hard.

    i have scripts that do these things, but not all of those in one place. send me a private message tomorw around noon EST, i might have something for you to use as a base template
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