i have a game that says its for windows 95 98 and me and i have window 7 it wont let me install it please help

please tell me how to install a windows 95 98 and me game on a windows 7 laptop wont let me if u can please email me < Mod edit: Please don't post personal info. > that would be great thanks
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  1. Right Click on the .exe icon and then go to compatibility tag and select windows 95 98 option.. U should be able to install it.
  2. These very old games often won't work on newer operating systems. Windows 2000 onwards (built on Windows NT) are very different operating systems to Windows ME and before (built on DOS).
    Dosbox is a great tool for running some older games like Warcraft 2 that run in a DOS environment.
    If this game requires Windows as a platform rather than DOS, you will have to search for a Windows 98 emulator or install Windows 98 on a VMWare image and run this in VMWare player.
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