Asus Customer support is horrible!

I purchased over $1500 dollars worth of PC components made by this company (motherboard, GPU, 3D monitor etc) and turns out my motherboard (asus VI extreme) is a defective product. Wifi and Bluetooth chip seems to not function and we trouble shooted it on the phone with a tech for several hours and they gave me a case number and told me they would send me a form to fill out so they can hold the funds for a new motherboard while I send them back the defected item, which is fine.. The problem is that this was two weeks ago or so and I am still waiting for them to send me this simple form to fill out so they can start the return/exchange process. I called them again and even wrote to them online almost a week ago and I am still waiting to get my motherboard replaced.

is this a common experience by Asus or do they usually take care of their customers?
I am extremely dissapointed so far as I spent a good amount of money buying and trusting their products.

What should I do at this point? I am getting so sick and tired of calling them because the wait is at least 30 mins to an hour just to get a hold of a represantative.
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  1. ASUS customer service is always bad (Germany and Indonesia).
    Their products are however really good.
    The thing is, do not try to claim warranty or anything on your own.
    Let the store where you bought your ASUS items do it for you.
    It works like charm many times again, at least according to my experience.
    I dunno how the stores did it but it worked and it is all that matters.
  2. My experience with Asus customer support is very good so far. Their products are really innovative and good value for money.

    If you've bought it from retailer/dealer and product is in warranty then contact that dealer and avail warranty on your product. In case of online purchase you'd need to check their standard return period of defective items. Contact them as well.
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