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why is my local disk (Gafter installing xp pro?

Last response: in Windows XP
April 29, 2014 1:06:38 AM

My drive letters are weird after installing xp pro service pack 3.Local Drive (C:)  is a (non-bootable) partition with about 125gb of space and is located in Local Drive (G:) . (D:)  is my DVD-RAM drive,E & F are for removable drives, (G:)  is a boot partition with about 340mb of space and (I:)  is my 1tb external drive.There is no recovery partition.

Best solution

April 29, 2014 7:49:16 PM

You probably asked the installer to install on a new partition, and all the drive letters after C being taken, the first available driver letter was G.
You should have changed drive letters before starting the installation so that letter D was available.
And if you wanted to repair XP on drive C, you probably chose the wrong installation options, the wrong XP Edition, or all of the above.

You can still make the XP on C boot.. (that's if you didn't format it). You need to edit the Boot.ini file. Logon to the G drive XP and go to Control Panel / System / Advanced Options / Startup and Recovery / Configuration / Edit... and providing you have 2 HD partitions; Copy the last line, paste it below, and edit the part that says "partition(1)", to "partition(2)".. or edit the boot.ini file to read exactly as the image below. (If you have the Home Edition, substitute "Professional" for "Home"). When you're done editing the file, go to the file menu and save the changes, and next go back to file menu click on "Save it As" to save a copy in the C drive and if prompted for confirmation accept replacing the existing file.

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