fan xpert 2 - asus z87 pro ??

Hi guys,

I have the Asus Z87 PRO motherboard and noticed that I can use Fan xpert 2 for this motherboard, where can I download this ? as I can't find it anywhere, I have managed to download it from another website other than asus but it doesnt work any ideas?

I am using Windows 7 64bit is it Windows 8 i need or ?

Thanks all
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  1. I believe it's part of the "ASUS Dual Intelligent Processors 4" software, which you can get from the ASUS site here:

    Just select your OS, scroll down to utilities and it's the 3rd one (says Version 1.00.56 next to it)
  2. Right brilliant I will have a go at this tonight after work, I was looking for Fan xpert 2 for ages lol.

    Damn_Rookie - might as well ask would you know why i get a bios freeze on this motherboard at all? well the bios works but just everything is messed up in blocks and etc ?
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    Hmm... Sorry, I really don't know I'm afraid. Might be worth asking that in another question here; there are a lot of people more knowledgeable than me! :D
  4. Fan Xpert is a part of Asus AISuite software. Download it from downloads section under your mobo's model on their website.

    Define this BIOS freeze term. What exactly are you experiencing and at what time pl
  5. Hi easy lover please - thanks for the reply and effort to help out
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