Xeon E3 1230v2 vs i5 4440

i have to pay like 30$ more for the xeon

i will use this PC as long as it can live
ill be using a GTX 760 on it
will adding extra money be useful in long terms
will this provide any better performance to new games or upcoming games
are those extra 4 threads worth extra 30 $
ill be playing BF4
Metro last light and all other RPG games
including Racing games too
i dont play games like WOW
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  1. The Xeon is budget substitute for i7 and people who will use it to do some content creation, like: video rendering/editing, 3d modeling, design and other software that requires the plus threads.
    For gaming the i5 is all you need. No need for extra threads, since the games aren't able to utilize it.
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    Xeon E3 is more of a editing and cpu which has Hyper threading but since your going for gaming performance, the i5 is better performance/price.
    if you are looking to coverclock your CPU and have a decent mobo,
    I would save up a while and get the i5 4670k.
    Otherwise stick with the i5 4440 since it has no gaming draw backs compared with the xeon E3
  3. I would definitely get the Xeon over the I5-4440. You would basically get I7 performance for $30 more. I've even just switched from an I5-3570k to a Xeon, dropped straight into my Z77 mobo, no issues, memory still o/c to 2400. My I5 overclocked very well and ran at 4.4GHz 24/7, but the Xeon at 3.4GHz beats it at almost everything whilst running 15C cooler and only consuming around 45W. Games are now using 8 cores/threads, BF4, Thief, Watchdogs will and many more upcoming games. I found a big difference in BF4, the demand on the CPU dropped by nearly 50%.
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