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Well tomorrow am going to buy the parts for my gaming rig but there is a thing regarding windows which is bugging me.

Like most of gamers who don't want windows 8 because of it being disaster. I don't want it either because I think it will lay waste on my high end system.

I want to buy windows 7 retail but as Microsoft stop selling retail for 7 I am not sure what happens if i try to install it on my pc.

From the guy whom am buying my pc says he have windows 7 pro retail,but am afraid that he might sell me oem or pirated because of its unavailability.

So I wanna know how will I know if the windows during installation phase is OEM or Retail version.

Because I will ask the seller to assemble my pc and install the windows,I want to know how I will know hes not cheating on me by installing an OEM version.
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    Windows 7 is widely available.
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