Best HDD for price and needs?

I currently have a 120gb samsung evo ssd(thanks amazon for going on sale 2 weeks after I buy it)

I'm looking for a storage option for games and movies. I need at least 1tb, but maybe should i go for 2tb?

Also, should I go for 7200 or 5400?

Furthermore, i want to know what brand and where to get because no matter how hard I dig, i find reports of bad drives and I'm scared to invest time and effort only to rma multiple times.

again, I'd like to stress that this is purely for storage. I plan to keep my os and any other frequently used things on the ssd. Programs, games, music and movies will be going in this new drive.
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  1. you would want a 7200rpm drive only if you use it as a os/system drive where they are 20-30% faster compared to 5400rpm drives. since you have the ssd for that anyway a 5400rpm one is plenty. you will not be affected by the speed difference.
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    hop on newegg and check out the western digital green or blue drives. either will be fine for you.
    they'll be 7200rpm and 64mb cache, taht's the minimum specs on any hard drive these days.

    1 TB drive are generally like $60. 2tb might be $70 or so.
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