Is it safe to get an ibuypower pc through walmart.

I am in need of a new computer and noticed that walmart had an ibuypower build your own gaming desktop bundle. Before anyone says that it is better to build my own I am not doing that because I want to get a warranty with my pc. So is ibuypower a safe brand to buy from? I will mainly be using this pc for streaming videos and school work. I am not a pc gamer so I will at most play one or two games on it. The reason I want a gaming pc is that they tend to have better specs than normal pc's and are around the same price. I just want to make sure that if i buy from ibuypower the computer will last me for 4+ years.

Edit: I need to keep the price of the pc under 1000.
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  1. Anything from ibuypower and CyperpowerPC, I wouldn't really bet on lasting more than 4 years. They don't use the best parts, or at least last time I checked into them. Their QC process is kind of lax, and build quality, again, is not the best. You still get a warranty when you build your own PC, it's just through the individual manufacturers.

    But by all means, go ahead and spend your money on one of their PCs. Your usage isn't too demanding, so you likely won't pop their PSUs they include.
  2. Wouldn't the only parts that might not be so good be the motherboard and the PSU since i wouldn't know what i would be getting? everything else that they allow you to pick seems to be from a reputable brand (amd, intel).

    My build would be something like:

    ibuypower NZXT source 220 gaming (adds $5.00 compared to stock chassis)
    AMD FX-8350 CPU (adds $185)
    4x2GB=8GB DDR3-1333 Gaming grade memory module (adds $30)
    1TB 7200 RPM Hard disc drive (adds $30)
    AMD Radeon HD 7770 1GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 graphics card (adds $80)
    24x DVD+/-RW DL optical drive (i see no reason to get bluray)
    windows 7 home premium

    optional things I am adding:
    120mm LED fan (adds $6)
    Microsoft office Home and Student 2013 (need it for school work. Adds $115)

    total price: $916.00

    The only mystery is the Motherboard and PSU which for the PSU I assume that they will include something that is good enough to drive it.
  3. You assume that they will include a decent PSU. But the reality is that they will likely supply a PSU that will -barely- power your PC. Thinking of adding a better GPU? Better factor in the costs of a new PSU as well.

    A bad PSU and motherboard can ruin a build, not to mention other components (worst come to worst). And what do you think is a "gaming grade memory module" is? Anyone can label something sub-optimal as gaming grade (hell, anything passes for "gaming" nowadays).
  4. So is there a pre-built PC you would recommend that costs under 1000 factoring in the $115 for Microsoft office?
    You make me scared to buy from ibuypower, lol.
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    Honestly, I can't recommend any prebuilt, not fully at least. Most major retailers will follow the same trend with the parts (HP, Dell, etc). You could browse around the major boutiques: DigitalStormOnline, Maingear, Origin.

    I know that with Digital Storm they can and will replace parts if you request it. But no retailer or computer building boutique will give you a better price for performance over building it yourself. And you get the ease of mind of personally choosing the parts that go into your machine.

    It's not completely ideal, but if you have a Frys ($50? last time I checked) or a Microcenter ($100) near you, you can pick your parts, and they will build the PC for you right then and there.
  6. I guess I can try to look into building it myself. I am skeptical of doing it but if I save a couple hundred bucks by doing this I probably will do it. Thanks for the advice.
  7. Better through Walmart than IBUYPOWER since you can return it to Walmart and good luck returning it to Ibuypower.

    I found issue with Ibuypower;
    Parts to build are used,
    long turn around on repairs that most likely will not get done.
    You will pay 80$ to ship it to you, than $80 again for the reship for repair and replacement which is likely the total cost of the used parts in the machine.
    The initial price you pay is all gravy for IBUYPOWER

    As for the motherboard mystery. If you look at the top of the page it very clearly states that its the "motherboard and CPU of your choice". The picture of the motherboard with the FX-8350 is the m5a97 r2.0. Zoom in. So one would expect you would choose the one shown. However IBUYPOWER Rep says they give a dime store one instead that will bottleneck the rest of your PC.

    Top to bottom you will get ripped off. If you still want to at least get it from Walmart and don't use IBUYPOWER site.
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