AMD Catalyst detects HD 7000 as R7 200 Series

Hi I'll be very grateful if someone can help me with this.

The problem is that the new AMD Catalyst 14.4 is giving me the wrong driver for my HD 7770, since I updated the drivers it keeps displaying my GPU info as R7 200 in different software like Autodesk Maya, Games and CCleaner. I'm also having performance issues with games that worked fine before.

I downloaded from AMD, I searched for the specific driver for my card and tried the auto detect thing, it detected as HD 7770 but after installation and reboot again displays my card as R7 200.

I want to know if this is normal 'cause if I'm not wrong the HD7000 and R7 200 series have different hardware and configurations.

I hope someone can tell me what is coming on with my video card.
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    R7 260 is a rebranded HD7770 so that is what it is detecting!
  2. Thanks for the quick answer and sorry for duplicating the post it wasn't my intention.
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