Asus Sabertooth X79 mobo different versions? Can't update with the latest bios What is the difference btw .CAP vs .ROM file?

Hi I am wondering if there are different versions of the ASUS sabertooth X79. I am currently on Version 1104 release date 04/10/12 and I am trying to update to version 4608 release date 12/24/13. WHen I tried to update it says

" Warning! BIOS inner framework was changed, The bios image can't use in this motherboard, please specify another one."

Please help thanks.
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  1. Only one version!
  2. rolli59 said:
    Only one version!

    Okay then is it a .cap vs .rom issue? Because the file I downloaded is .CAP and when I do an update bios in windows they are looking for a .rom file.

    Also can I update Bios in Windows 7 64 bit environment? Or do I need to put the .rom file in the root directory of an USP mem stick and update the bios during start-up? Thanks.
  3. Never use windows, always from USB!
  4. You're supposed to be able to run the ROM->CAP converter tool to convert your BIOS to a .CAP system format, then you flash the .CAP new BIOS.

    1. Download converter tool from ASUS website.
    2. Rename converter as "SABERX79.ROM" and put on USB stick.
    3. Plug in to white USB port next to BIOS button on Mobo panel
    4. With power on on the Power Supply but not on the computer (just idle power, whatever you call it), hold BIOS button until it starts flashing.
    5. Let it run (takes a few minutes) until the light stops flashing.
    6. Then put your new BIOS on the flash drive and rename it "SABERX79.CAP"
    7. Then repeat the process.

    If the light blinks for a second or two then turns solid blue, it aint working. I'm having trouble getting mine to work too (see my thread

    Let me know if you get yours to work. Maybe we can help eachother out!
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    .cap is the version you need I believe (at least my z87 sabertooth needs that version).
  6. mc962 said:
    .cap is the version you need I believe (at least my z87 sabertooth needs that version).

    BIOS 1203 and prior are all .ROM structure. Asus changed to .CAP in version 2002.

    Like I said earlier, you must run the .ROM to .CAP conversion utility before you can flash the BIOS with a .CAP version like you're trying to do with 4608.

    Conversion Utiltity is under "BIOS UTILTIES" on this page:
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