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I'm building a computer and want to do a fresh OEM install of Windows 8.1 on a 128 GB SSD.

I also have 4, 1TB HDD's that I am going to setup in a RAID 10.

One of the 1 TB drives is from an old PC that broke, it has a copy of Windows installed (it was a retail purchase that included 7, and 8 was an upgrade), which I don't care about because I'm buying an OEM copy, but, that drive also has all my data on it. The drive is less than 6 months old.

During the build I want to install the SSD, load 8.1 on the SSD, then, install the old HDD plus one other, copy my files and data (music, documents, games etc.) to a fresh drive, and reformat the old one (to remove the old OS), then install all 4 HDD's, and set up a RAID 10. All 4 HDD's are the same make and model numbers.

Couple questions -

1 - I want to keep just the OS on the SSD, running 4, 1TB drives in a RAID 10 will give me 2 TB of storage, which is more than enough for me at the moment. Is 128 GB enough for just 8.1 on an SSD?

2 - I've read I need to re-map the locations of the Documents, Music folders etc. In the order I have the process listed, would this be the correct way? Transfer all the files, then go into the OS and re-map the locations?
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    1- Yes. Windows 8.1 will fit with space left over on the 128GB drive.
    2- Are you talking about the user directories and default storage locations?
  2. Yes, user directories and default locations, I want to keep as little on the SSD so I can to keep the read / write down.

    I have found this article on "faking out" Windows 8 with the User Directories.

    Found this as well -

    Since I'm doing a totally clean install with a new SSD and a new OEM copy I might try the second method. Although this does not explain how to move the "Program Files" folder to a HDD, and that is what i really need to know.

    Thank you for your help.
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