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can i use the 6 pin connector on a modular psu to power a 6 pin lead to a gpu

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April 29, 2014 9:08:10 AM

can i connect a ASUS 2GB GDDR5 Radeon R9 270 DIRECTCU II OC to a modular psu using the 6 pin connector on the psu or should i only use the 8 pin on the psu ? psu is a corsair tx550m

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April 29, 2014 9:49:02 AM

Either will work (the 6-pin or the 6+2-pin). No worries either way.
April 29, 2014 11:51:42 AM

COLGeek said:
Either will work (the 6-pin or the 6+2-pin). No worries either way.

thats what i thought too but i connected them using 6 pin to 6 pin i brought on ebay i connected from 6 pin out on tx550m straight to gpu and when i powered up there was a red light on gpu instead of the normal green one so i pulled the plug and now i think mobo is damaged as nothing works only mouse light comes on when i power up

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April 29, 2014 11:55:28 AM

You must use the cables specific for the PSU you are using. Just because the connectors may match, they may be wired differently. Either cable, connected between the GPU and the PSU (assuming it is the proper cable) will work.
April 29, 2014 1:00:49 PM

thanks for reply colgeek here is a copy of message to ebay seller regarding pci lead i needed

Dear jimski53,

Hi there.

This is the cable you will need -

All the best ,


- cheesefeat
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From: jimski53
To: cheesefeat
Subject: Re: Details about the item: jimski53 sent a message about 12" PCI-Express 6-Pin (PCI-E) Power Extension Cable #310901618526
Sent Date: 26-Apr-14 13:58:48 BST

Dear cheesefeat,

Hi Richard will this cable connect a modular Psu corsair tx550m to my graphics card I know the graphics card end is right but will the other end plug onto Psu or will I need a different cable

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April 29, 2014 1:40:09 PM

ive just read on another site what may have caused my problem but i dont know so ive add post below so maybe you can debunk or confirm this may relate to my scenerio too
tl:D r used older cables with HX850; trying to figure out if refub card or my stupidity blew up my system...

I have a Corsair HX850 modular power supply in my PC. On that PSU there is one set of Hardwired PCI-E cables the rest of the PCI-E power cables are modular.

I also have 2 other older Corsair Modular PSU's and all the cables that go with... this is where the story gets interesting.

So I picked up a referb VisionTek 6970 to put into my i7 950 Ausus Sabertooth x-58 system. What I did is put the referb in the top slot of the board, and connected it with the Hardwired PCI-e Cables.

I then grabbed two modular PCI-e power cables to power my original card which i put in the 2nd PCI-e slot. My problem is I grabbed two cables that went with one of the OLDER PSU's instead of the cables that plug into the 8-pin Blue PCI-E connectors on the HX850w.

I plugged in the older PCI-E cables into the black 6-pin connectors on the HX850 and then plugged them into the card I originally had on the system which I know was working.

When I powered the system on everything came on for a second then shutoff. The LED on the Mobo was blinking Green and the system would not power on again. I took everything apart and started testing individual components. I tried the Refurb card in my buddies PC, and when he powered it on, the card went up in smoke, luckily it didn't brick his PC.

So at this point I have a MOBO that is dead, it doesn't power on for anything even when isolated, The PSU seems ok(I can turn it on with a paper clip)... I got another board (same one) to test with, and put my original 6970 and all my original components on it, and used the hardwired PCI-E cables from the Corsair, and when i powered it on, the original 6970 went up in smoke...

I tested with my buddies 5670 (that may be wrong it was a mid level Radeon that doesnt take extra power) and everything works... So now I have two 6970's DEAD, and a Asus Sabertooth x-58 Dead.....

My question is... Did the Refurb 6970 that was on the hardline PCI-e power cables take the whole system, or did I SCREW myself, when I used the older cables on my original card, and didn't plug them into the Corsairs 8-pin blue PCI-E power spots...

I want to say that using the wrong cables in the black 6-pin slots shouldn't have blown anything up, it should just have left the card underpowered, and basically not booted... Or am I wrong and I blew my system?????

Also do we think that PSU is compromised (it may have blow the 2nd 6970, or when the PC originally died it may have gone down with the ship)

Also PS the cards were hooked up with one xfire bridge.
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Old 10-15-2011, 07:32 PM
Tsumi [H]ardForum Junkie, 4.1 Years

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I believe you screwed yourself when you used the older cables. Modular cables are generally not cross-platform compatible, even with the same manufacturer. For example, AX cables cannot be used with HX power supplies, and vice versa.

Also, the black ports are for SATA/molex, right? That means in addition to providing 12v output, they also output 5v and 3.3v. PCI-E connections output 12v only. You probably were feeding 3.3v or 5v to the ground lines for the graphics cards, or something similar. That probably overloaded your power supply and caused something to fry.
April 29, 2014 2:58:31 PM

This seems like a situation where the improper cable was used and components were damaged as a result. Both the PSU and connected video cards are likely damaged.
April 29, 2014 3:26:30 PM

ive disconnected gpu an refitted old psu cit 500w still nothing happens so i ordered a new motherboard will i be ok to try the gpu in new motherboard i wont be using the tx550m or the dodgy lead i used before but if gpu is damaged can that in turn damage the new motherboard or will gpu just work or not work
April 29, 2014 3:37:24 PM

Sure, you can try the GPU in the new motherboard. The risk is minimal. I would definitely not use the PSU in question either (good call on your part).
April 29, 2014 3:40:23 PM

thanks for your help
April 29, 2014 3:46:01 PM

You are welcome. Please follow-up with the results when your new motherboard is installed.

Good luck!
May 7, 2014 12:26:06 PM

hi just to let you know the new motherboard is in and a new xfx 550 pro psu I reused ram ,cpu all working but external hdd and graphics card dont work along with the mobo expensive lesson ,ordered a his r9 70 x yesterday then ill be good to go