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Hello everyone,

I recently upgraded from a HD 6870 to a HD 7950. Its nice but from reading around the forums I think that my CPU is bottle necking my card...and in all honesty it is a 2 year old CPU now. Now my motherboard supports AM3+ so my question to the community is this:

Should I get a new CPU or just overclock the one I have?

It is currently running normally with a Zalman cooler. on a side note, does anyone have ay idea where I can get another fan and fan bracket for my CPU cooler?
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  1. I have the 1090t, and the zalman 9700 cooling it. You can expect around 4ghz once overclocked if your motherboard, and PSU can handle it. It will greatly reduce the bottleneck, but not get rid of it completely for CPU intensive games. You would need an Intel i5/i7 for that.
  2. The problem is the Phenom II's are starting to get up there in age I mean they date from what 2009 so they are starting to show thier age. As Sin said overclocking will help but it won't compleatly get rid of the bottleneck.
  3. Ok, well I might over clock it for now,I have an 880gm mobo and a 750 watt PSU, is that good enough? I guess my best bet is to get a new motherboard and go with an Intel CPU?
  4. Well if your board supports it, you could also go with an FX-8000 series chip. The only problem is, you won't see a huge improvement over an overclocked X6 PHII. So in CPU bound games you are better off with an i5/i7. What is your model of PSU?
  5. I have a corsair tx750, on a side note I think I might overclock for now and get a new motherboard and cpu. Will my Zalman fit the newer z97 socket type? Should I even get a z97? Also if I do this upgrade it will be in place of me getting another 7950 for crossfire.

    What would be a realistic overclock value that I should aim for?
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    Crossfire with 7950's will be bottlenecked by a X6 cpu anyway. Overclocked or not, so your in the same boat as myself. lol. What exact zalman cooler do you have? I ask because some were better than others, and in most cases the better coolers have different mounting kits you can purchase for them. My brother had to buy one for around 5 to 10 dollars, to mount his 9700 zalman on his sandy bridge cpu socket.

    Check this out for overclocking your chip:,6.html
  7. Running 3.5 Ghz nicely, gave me the fps increase that I wanted, thank you very much!
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