CPU over-heating, no clue as to why.

I've custom built this PC rig of mine about a year ago. It has been running beautifully since then. Until today, my CPU won't drop below 70 degrees Celsius doing nothing but with a single internet tab up. It's basically dust free on the inside, and I don't believe thermal paste is any reason for this to be arising now after such an extended amount of time. Anyone have any possible idea of what the cause of this might be?
CPU: i7-3770k 3.5g (Water cooled /w H60)
GPU: Sapphire 290x
Case: CM Storm Trooper
Mobo: P8Z77-V
RAM: 16 GB Hyper-X Kingston 1600 Mhz
HDDs: 250gb Samsung 840 SSD, 1 TB Western Digital
PS: 750 watt Thermal-take 80 Bronze
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    First thing to check is your AIO liquid cooler.

    1. Is the radiator warm?
    --What orientation is your radiator installed? Since it went so long in the current orientation (unless you recently moved it), it is probably ok.
    --If the radiator is not warm while your CPU is at a high temperature, your pump is failing/has failed.
    2. Are the hoses to the radiator warm?
    --If one hose is HOT, along with pump body/cooler plate of the Liquid cooler, then your pump is failing/has failed.

    If your pump of the H60 seems to be the culprit, Corsair generally provides excellent support and will usually honor even the strangest RMA requests.

    Definitely do not run the rig like this. If you need to continue to access your machine, remove the heatplate of the H60 and sub in your stock Intel CPU cooler as a stop-gap measure.
  2. is this all the time or only during gaming?

    Have you checked everything to make sure the pump is working right?

    How much CPU usage is there?
  3. check to make sure the water pump on the h60 is still working.
  4. I agree with the idea of subbing in the stock cooler for now.
  5. Thank y'all for the responses. The radiator is not even remotely warm, along with the hoses being average temperatures. The only thing that is QUITE hot, is the top of the Corsair unit on top of my CPU. The fan behind the radiator is working perfectly well also. Is there any way to be able to "Check" if the pump is my current problem?
    Also, this has been on everything. Little lone gaming. After this happened for a while, i re-booted my computer, went to bios, and sat and watched as my CPU temps steadily climbed the temp. graph.
  6. Based on my Task manager, i'm currently using 4-6% of my CPU, and am currently sitting on an extremely toasty 79 degrees Celsius.
  7. put your hand on top of the block it should have a slight vibration from the pump rotating. but form everything you said rad and hoses are cool but the corsair unit I hot then I would say the pump has died.

    don't leave your computer on without the pump working.... if you have to replace it with the stock cooler till you can get corsair to replace it or replace it with something better.
  8. Yea, your AIO is done for. What happens is usually the pump will continue to spin, not throwing any errors in the bios or OS since it shows the pump spinning away at ~1600-2400rpm, meanwhile, the pump body no longer forms a seal to the pump impeller, letting the liquid sort of just swoosh around in there, which is usually good for some heat to work its way up the hose a bit, but not forming any sort of actual flow to the radiator.
  9. Alrighty. Well thank you very much for the help on this. Has been worrying me all day what the cause could be, and i'll see if i can have it dealt with immediately. Good timing too, given that my finals are next week ;(
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