brand new western digital hdd caught fire

Today while I was exporting a video to my hard drive on Adobe premiere my internal 1tb hard drive caught on fire. I bought this hard drive less than a week ago. Does anybody have any idea why it would catch on fire. Only that hard drive caught on fire. As soon as I unplugged the computer from the electricity the fire stopped. Here are some pictures

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  1. That can be faulty cables or a bad power supply
  2. Hi

    Was it the smoke or the flames which alerted you to the problem
    Window in you case?

    This is the first time I have ever heard of a disk circuit board fire
    I hope there was not any important data on it

    What model & color is it so we can avoid them
    Black, blue, green, red, purple ?

    I would ask WD or their distributor for money to remove your pictures from this site

    Mike Barnes
  3. To cause a fire it would surely have been electrical. What PSU do you have? The 5v rail might have overloaded it.
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    ISTM that the motor controller caught fire.

    To determine whether this was caused by your PSU, measure the resistances of the following components:

    If either diode is shorted, then this would point to an overvoltage on the associated supply rail.
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