Ram running too slow?

Just build a new machine, and the ram appears to be running slower than it should?

It should be 2 x 8 GB 2133Mhz.

However CPU-Z is showing it as 666.5Mhz, which is obviously a bit shy of the 1066.5 I was expecting.

CAS# Latency (CL) is showing as 9 clocks too. This was meant to be 10?

Is there something simple to this, maybe I haven't configured something on my motherboard correctly? (Asus Maximus VI Hero)
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  1. After you first install your RAM the motherboard will always set to the lowest possible speed to make sure that it boots,
    later you can overclock your RAM to 2133Mhz if your motherboard does support it.
  2. You could go into your motherboard BIOS and try to manually set the RAM settings in there. Since the RAM is rated to the higher specs you stated, you shouldn't run into any issues.
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    Yep go into the bios and find where to st the memory clock or xmp higher. As for the CAS being lower it should rise up to 10 when you get the RAM up to 2133Mhz as the faster the RAM is the higher the CAS (generally)
  4. In BIOS enable XMP and should pick up at 2133, if not change to 2133
  5. Excellent, got it thanks. Was just a simple case of changing the setting to XMP :)
  6. Have fun!
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