which one is better Intel Core i5 4670 or i5 4570 ....??

which one is better Intel Core i5 4670 or i5 4570 ....??

and ya what about AMD-8350 is it better than abve two..?
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  1. well i need processor for gaming and ya for future run too will fx 8350 work.?
    and suggest cooler from above link for fx - 8350

  2. http://www.flipkart.com/computers/computer-components/coolers/pr?p%5B%5D=sort%3Dpopularity&sid=6bo,g0i,xcm&otracker=ch_vn_computer_a_filter_Acessories_Desktop%20Coolers

    i_build_nanosuits said:
    The 4670 is better than the 4570, it should cost a little bit more too...

    About the FX 8 core CPU it all depends of what you are doing, the quad core intel as a better performance per core so in games or applications that use 4 threads or less it will provide better results, if you are using applications and games that use more than 4 threads the 8 core FX will catch up and in future games that are said are gonna use more threads the FX could provide better performance in the long run...but the FX consumes a little more power and will generate more heat too...it is suggested that you get an aftermarket CPU cooler for the FX and overclock it to match the intel performance.
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