Dual Monitoring GTS 250 & GTX 780

Right now I'm currently running Dual monitors. One monitor is ran on my GTS 250, and the other is ran by Intel HD4600. I play games (1080p) on one screen, using my GTS 250.

Now I just ordered a GTX 780. Can I run both the GTS 250 and GTX 780 to dual monitor? (NOT sli obviously). Using the 780 to game, and the gts 250 to run the other monitor (multi tasking purposes).

Would this work fine?
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    Yes it would! I have tried it myself, with a GTX 650 and an ATI Radeon HD 4650. Each GPU does its own thing as long as one monitor=1 GPU.

    There shouldn't be problems with drivers, they're both from nvidia.
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