Best gaming rig under 300 USD (CPU, VGA, MOBO, RAM and HDD combo)

Best gaming build for 300 USD budget?
Hello friends,
I'm looking to buy a gaming rig with a below the USD 300 mark.
Thing is, I live in Paraguay where computer parts are stupidly priced.
So I'm planning to buy from amazon, newegg or any other site that can
offer a good deal.
I'm buying the Monitor, PSU and Case in a local store since it will be way too
expensive to bring it from so far away given the fact that I have to pay 17usd/kilogram of cargo.
So what I need is the following parts,
Im considering to buy the A10-6800k with no additional VGA
and go from there for the rest of the parts,
but If there's a CPU + VGA combo that can outperform the A10 in the same price range
I'll go for it.
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  1. Honestly I'd rather have an xbox than an APU.
    I would suggest skipping the apu's and going the FX6300 + discrete gpu route. You would be upgrading to a gpu down the road anyways because all the apu's have low end gpu's built in which would leave you with a weak cpu to run the discrete gpu.
  2. With that budget, you won't even meet the minimum requirements of some games. So I'd rather save up some more and buy a ps4/x1 (i prefer ps4) over a pc at that budget. Unless you REALLY NEED a pc, i suggest you go with a ps4 and a cheap laptop(if you have the money).
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