My internet is slow help !

Hey guys my internet was 560-600kbps when download something ! my powersupply broke my motherboard and proccesor i go to a store and buy new now when i download something

just 50-160kbps Can someone help me pls ? i have now Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI fast ethernet NIC

Should i buy new Cable or New Internet Card ? i really need help i cant download games now and programs :(
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  1. what was the old motherboard, cpu? and the new one?
  2. i dont know the old motherboard but i think it was intel the new one is Via tehnology Cpu intel pentium 4 2.8ghz / 2CPU/ the new one AMD athlon 64 proccesor 3200+ 2.00ghz
  3. cool0 said:
    Slow internet happens for various reasons. You might have poor hardware connecting your machine to the wall. Maybe your modem-router is not configured correctly.The most effective method for speeding up a comp where possible is just format the hard disk. Also check to see if you have any useless programs. Uninstall them. Run disk cleanup. Check to see what you have in your temp. Generally have a clear up of your hard disk.If your internet is slow, you should scan your computer for viruses and spyware using suitable programs(for example- avast anti virus or spybot). If you still experience the same problem I would advise you to delete the computer after backing it up, and then installing a new copy of Windows. if your problem is with programs running slowly- I can advise you to download this software, which can extremely help- CCleaner.Good Registry Cleaner will improve your computer and Internet performance dramatically! Do all these and Perform speed here once it will sounds better ...

    dude i try all but its the same at my phone is 600kbps and at my laptop my new motherboard sucks ...
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