What CPU should I choose, I7 or Xeon 6 Core?

I know this is the age-old question, but I need an answer specific to my scenario...

Basically, I'm a graphics designer / website developer so I create 2d/3d images, edit movies, create website etc. all day long. Also, I'm doing a graphics design degree in University... so you get the picture of how I use my PC... Adobe Master Collection all the way!!

Ideally I need a Mac... but cba spending £2000+ on a half-decent Mac, I'd rather get a Hackintosh. So I've seen this guy on eBay who builds and sells Hackintosh Machines, however I just need to choose the specification for my system...

I can afford the following, so whats best for me. I need a system to run all my development software smoothly:

Intel Core I7 6 Core 3.8GHZ 3930K for £470
Intel 4th Gen Haswell I7 3.9GHZ Quad Core 4770K for £260
Intel Xeon 6 Core 2.3GHZ E5-2630 for £520

As I said, price is not the issue, the issue is what will be best for me?

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  1. I would go with the Intel 4770k Its all you need and a extremely good cpu!
  2. i would go for the 3930k because its extra 2 cores would come in handy in those software
  3. manu354 - clearly you do not do 2d/3d rendering all day long. The extra cores will be very handy. Are these your only choices - new cpus are on the horizon.
  4. Clearly you guys have told me I need 6 cores... now, which should I go for:
    Intel Core I7 6 Core 3.8GHZ 3930K for £470
    Intel Xeon 6 Core 2.3GHZ E5-2630 for £520
  5. Will the software you are running take advantage of a pro gpu like a quadro? If so maybe you will not need as many cpu cores.
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    Hi Habzy , why not the I7 4930k Ivy Bridge E ? intels next cpu after the sandy bridge
    6 core , can use 1866mz natively , meant for intensive multitasking and rendering ?
  7. As above, 4930k
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