Need advices on good recording softwares


Thinking about making a "helicopter stunt movie" on Battlefield 4. I'm looking for a software that doesnt usage alot of recourses and make it lag in the game etc. And I need a slow-motion feature, so I can edit it or something, and make some parts of the movie to be slow motion.

Advices? :) I do know about FRAPS, but is it still good and does it have the features I want?

Thanks in advance

Edit - Or maybe when I wanna implent a slow motion in some parts, maybe thats a standalone software, maybe one built in Windows 7? All recommendations are appreciated.
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    FRAPS can do the recording, but if your computer is up to spec it should only lower your frame rate while recording (default is 30fps while recording). For slow motion and other effects those have to be done in the video editing software you have (you can use Windows Movie Maker which is free).
  2. bandicam doesint lower your frame rate much and needs a small setup and its great I am using it
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