in game fps fine, but when looking on the recording the fps is jumpy from 40 to 2. what do i need to upgrade?

while recording a game my fps is fine; 60
but when I look back at the recorded footage it jumps between 40(the fps I set to record) and 1.

why does this happen?
what do I need to upgrade on my computer?

or should I get dual hard drives or dual graphics cards?

comp specs:
cpu:AMD FX-6300 Vishera 3.5GHz
hard drive: 1TB 7200RPM
Ram: 8gb
graphics card:Radeon R7-240 Graphics
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  1. What are you recording with? What settings are you using?
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    I would recommend using a separate computer to record to. It would require a total beast of a processor and hard drive to record to the same computer you are playing on. If you must record using the same computer, try dropping to 30 FPS for the recording and using lowered video quality and lowered resolution.
  3. You are saying while recording game slows down? If yes try to lower down setting and reslution and see recording weather it works or not if not then please mention what recorder you are using (hardware or software) or I would recommend fraps to record but in case its video sizes are too big! In my opinion I think you need no upgrade if you still have problems then use another computer to record games but I need some details about you computer before I can tell the exact problem about why it slows down when recording, about what games you are recording and which software you are using. Please reply me with some details about you computer
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