Massive FPS drop

I started having a problem few days ago, I get somekind of lag spikes when I play an mmo game and fps drops to between 10-15 -_- usually I run that game with high setting and get 50-60 fps
So today I tried offline game and it works fine where fps is stable, I also tried another mmo game same issue fps is low. Here are my specs:
Intel® Core™ i7-4702HQ Quad Core
Processor with Hyper Threading
2.2GHz / 3.2GHz (Base/Turbo)

8GB onboard memory

Graphics and Video
Intel® HD4600
NVIDIA® GeForce®
VRAM, Optimus™ Technology)

Let me know what could be the issue and how to fix because its really annoying me and I cant play at all.
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  1. Internet speed?
  2. Ping: 70ms
    Download speed: 20Mbs
    Upload speed: 5Mbs
  3. Since what you have is a laptop, and you mention sporadic massive FPS drops, this sounds like a heat problem. Make sure your laptop is properly ventilated and that there is no dust clogging the places where fans are spinning. If your laptop starts to get too hot, then it will automatically slow down dramatically in order to avoid system failure.
  4. Iam not having a heating issue because other games work perfectly. And when I start any mmo game the fps issue happens immediately and laptop is not heating up
  5. Okay then, what is the MMO game that you're having FPS drops with and which ones work fine?
  6. Alan wake and dishonored run great
    Elder scrolls online and World of Warcraft both are bad
  7. If you get massive FPS drops when you go into places like big cities, this is normal MMO behavior.
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    Its possible your system is using the integrated graphics and not the dedicated... or having a glitch between the two. Right click the program and run there should be something related to Nvidia there and running with dedicated graphics.

    Also, since on laptop, obviously make sure on your "Power Options" you are in "High Performance".

    Like someone else mentioned it is still easily possible it is heat, if the game is more resource intensive your computer will use more power and obviously get hotter, so make sure you are in optimal conditions (all vents and exhausts have space). Elevating the rear of the laptop always helps.

    Past that, all I can suggest is to update your graphics card drivers

    Lastly there is the possibility that your system is just lacking in the power needed to render the specific scene in the game. Does the lag occur at specific locations? Or is it random, if its at specific locations that would probably mean your system is just reaching its limits.
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