New Mobo, BSOD. How do I reinstall Windows?

I upgraded from a Foxconn 2BA1 to a ASUS B85M-E/CSM with an Intel i5 4570.

I get a BSOD after the "Starting Windows" screen. Boot priority is correct. All wires in correct places. Changing from AHCI to IDE did nothing. I tried booting from the External HD which I had cloned everything onto beforehand, but that didn't work either.

Microsoft's system repair does not work, and brings me to the HP Recovery Manager. I'm probably just going to do a clean install and copy everything from the clone onto the current Hard drive.

Trouble is, I bought a pre-made PC. I have no windows install disks, no product keys etc. How exactly would I reinstall Windows 7? I can run the System Recovery tool in the HP Recovery Manager, and that "Restores everything to factory settings", but I'm not to sure what that exactly means, and since it is a new mobo, I'm not sure if those factory settings would even be compatible with it.
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  1. it's possible that your motherboard is damaged as well.

    Is the BSOD an "uncorrectable hardware error" message?
  2. Is there a sticker with your windows key on the PC somewhere?
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    Go ahead and try to restore everything to factory settings. It may require a disc or it may not. If it does, you can create one. Download the iso image and A: Boot it directly B: Make an actual Windows 7 disc. Just make sure it's the same as intended for your system (64 bit vs 32 bit, pro vs premium etc.). You can download the iso here:

    Start at the 30second mark of this video if you want to know how to make the iso image into an actual disc without having to download 3rd party software:

    Hope this helps resolve your issue! Please let me know if you have any questions on how to get this done.
  4. Entomber said:
    it's possible that your motherboard is damaged as well.

    Is the BSOD an "uncorrectable hardware error" message?

    It flashes way too fast for me to read it.

    I found the sticker with the product key. Thanks for pointing that out.

    I may just do that. I don't have any discs, I'm assuming a USB flash-drive would work?
  5. A USB flash drive should work, you may want to go into the BIOS and select to boot from that USB device, but with a new install ISO for windows and the key on your PC, you can reinstall windows, and if the problem persists it is hardware related, ie a bad component
  6. As long as your motherboard supports booting from usb then yes.

    You may then find this link useful as well:
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