Removed a ram stick and put it back again after. Now stuck at bios screen picture at boot.

I have 4 slots for ram. 3 identical ramstick and 1 different, all working fine in my pc. But I tested if there would be a difference of performance if I remove the odd stick,

I removed the different stick which left my computer with 3 identical sticks. PC still works fine with 3 sticks. But after I put the fourth ram stick, my pc was stuck at bios boot up screen picture.

I don't know what to do.

Now I am running only 3 ram sticks. Can you explain how can I make these 4 ram sticks work again?

Note: Again, 3 ram sticks identical, and 1 different. I can't find any discussions like this.

Before it is in dual channel mode, but now runs with single channel mode after removing the fourth stick
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  1. Hi and welcome to the forums!

    try boot with just the single different ram stick, shut down your PC, then add in the other three, try booting.

    That'll see if the different ram stick is faulty, or just having issues with the other 3.
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