How to decrease Shared System Memory?

I had an intel express g41 chipset built into my computer. Initially it had 64mb dedicated graphics memory. After that i increased it upto 128mb by entering into the BIOS. it shared 1631mb system memory & when i'm looking up for the ram, its 4GB out of which 3.67GB is usable. Now i have a new graphics card & want to know if i can make the ram 4GB out of which 4GB usable & decrease shared system memory?

*The new graphics card is Asus AMD Radeon HD5450 1gb DDR3 Graphics Card................
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  1. Hi and welcome to the forums!

    you can increase this through bios, though there is no point as video/ram memory is reserved for many things, it is reserved for a season and that is because it is needed, it you decrease the memory in needed areas, though you'll think you get more memory, your actually getting worse performance. Best to not touch it.
  2. no no actually i need 4gb ram available to me as before
  3. you can't have that if it is shared (you actually can but you lose performance), best to get more memory.
  4. if i insert that new graphics card, can it become available to me?
  5. if i insert that new graphics card, can it become available to me?
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    if this is ram memory, then no, if you want more ram memory, you buy more ram. If you are talking about graphics memory, then getting anew graphics card with a higher amount of Vram you will have a higher amount of un-shared memory.
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