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So my case didn't come with any standoffs, neither did my mobo, luckily goo old step dad had some spares so I whacked them in, but my mobo wouldn't line up with the I/O Panel Shield and I thought, F**k you ASRock. Then I investigate my case, and it has these bridge looking things lifting off the case so I just assumed that these were acting as standoffs, and I whack my mobo in without the standoffs and it fits perfectly, so I assumed this was the way to go. My PC has been running perfectly for ~2 months so I've had no qualms about the standoffs, however I just read about my awe and they said theirs came with standoffs, and I thought, maybe I'm doing this wrong, but I know my mobo won't fit the I/O Panel Shield with the standoffs.

Should I be worrying about my mobo without the standoffs, and if so should I just rip out the I/O Panel Shield and put the mobo in with standoffs.

-let me be clear that without standoffs, my mobo fits PERFECTLY-
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    Some cases have punched rises in the motherboard tray instead of standoffs. Nothing to worry about.
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