H105 bracket extremely loose. How do I fix it?

So I received and tried to install the h105 yesterday, people saying its an easy and short install. So I have the 400r and the i5 3570k and read the whole instructions thoroughly but when I tried to install the block the bracket was still extremely loose. Turns out I guess I was using the wrong pictured standoffs even though they look almost identical. So when I replace them with the right standoffs they are still loose. Theyre so loose that I don't even want to try to install the pump again but no matter how much I try I can't get the standoffs to be firmly seated. I tried many things but it still wasnt fixed so where do I go from now? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. It will be loose at first but it will all tighten up when you get everything together. ;)
  2. That includes putting in the thumb screws and all? I did that previously and it was still lose, but those were with the wrong standoffs
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    Jakub1 said:
    That includes putting in the thumb screws and all? I did that previously and it was still lose, but those were with the wrong standoffs

    yea, after its all hooked up it will pull everything tight. It's suppose to be like that. :)
  4. I have installed the fan and it fit great expect that it runs loud, says there's a cpu fan error and the temperatures rise a degree in Celsius everything half minute or so. This is very worrying for me. I plugged in the cooler into the cpu fan and the two fans into a chassis slot. Why is it an error? Would it be thermal paste?
  5. On thinner motherboards the mounting nuts at each corner of the back plate are too tall and will protrude above the top surface of the motherboard thereby reducing the clamping pressure. Once the standoffs are in place and the cooler is mounted, you can run out of threads just by going finger tight; there is a real lack of mounting pressure with these poor mounting designs.

    I encountered the same problem with the Corsair Hydro H80i. I solved the problem by using #8 flat nylon washers/spacers that I picked up from Home Depot.

    Retention nut out of the box:

    Results in protrusion above the top surface of the motherboard resulting in loose mounting when the mounting posts are screwed into the mounting nuts:

    Adding spacers (i.e. can be #8 flat nylon or metal washers) like as shown here:

    Results in proper mounting nut height and results in proper clamping pressure:
  6. Everything all works now. Turns out the cpu fan plug in was a bit loose and now it works fine. My rig is currently running at 23° Celsius which is a big improvement. Thanks to everyone who helped
  7. Update: I started with a loose bracket and as mentioned above when you tighten everything down a tension is created and everything is good. specs/stats perfect. no need for washers in my case.

    conflicting answers on this one. i'm installing an h80i and have the same loose bracket at start of install. i can visualize the tension that will be built when mounting the brackets on top of the pump.

    should i or should i not get washers? i would guess that it would be "extra" tight if i went with extra brackets as mentioned in second answer... tia
  8. Thank you ko888. I just ran into this same problem. Shame on Corsair for not providing all the required hardware.
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