acer aspire z3731 hangs while doing factory reset

Ive been trying to do factory reset but it hangs at 11/19 installing Microsoft office. help I have 4 installation discs all install fine. But system crashes at 11/19
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    Test the hard drive that you are trying to re-install Windows on. You'll need to make a bootable CD containing HGST Drive Fitness Test, the CD image for that is here:

    Create CD from the image by using ImgBurn:
    Then boot your faulty PC from that CD. Wait until a short menu appears, then highlight "ATA Only" and press <Enter>. Test the drive using the Long/Extended test.

    If the drive is healthy, (test successful), test the RAM with Memtest86. The CD Image is here (Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip):

    Unzip the ISO file and again use ImgBurn to create a CD from it, then boot your PC from it.
    The memory test will run automatically, and keeps running until you press <Esc>
    Any errors usually appear within the first five passes, so no need to run it beyond that.
    If you have more than 1 RAM stick installed, test each one separately by removing the others, then you'll know which stick, if any, has errors.
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