AMD Radeon HD 7600M series bad drivers (Blue screen of death)


So I have this Toshiba laptop that has AMD Radeon HD 7600M series as a dedicated video card, I have turned off the Intel Core i7 GPU since the Radeon is better.

OK, so when I install the stable driver (Catalyst 13.12) I can't go into Windows 7, it just blue screens when loading Windows 7. I tried reinstalling the driver, using driver sweepers and I also formatted my laptop to see whether it would work, well it didn't. I also changed my hard disk in the process.

When I install the beta driver (14), it can load into Windows 7 but it randomly crashes an causes Blue Screen of Death without any reason, it is also really glitchy and laggy when it comes to gaming.

The same driver (13.12) works well with my desktop Radeon HD 7750.

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    Toshiba laptops need driver from Toshiba's support website, including the two graphics chips. The driver from AMD is wrong, those drivers are only for aftermarket retail PCI/PCIe cards like the one in your desktop computer.

    Go here and enter your laptop's Serial Number which is printed underneath. That will be much easier than drilling down through several boxes to get to the right model:

    Or just click "Auto Detect".
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