Recovering Data from Raw Partition.

So I have a very interesting problem. I have a 3TB Buffalo External Hard Drive that seems to have crapped out on me. I plugged it in, and Windows wouldn't detect it, but the drive was spinning. I decided to take the drive out of the case and put in my PC to try and fix it. It's listed in My Computer, but it's listed as unformatted, so I can't get to my data.

I ran across TestDisk online, and decided to try and see if this would fix it. After running a deep scan, it found one partition. I selected the partition and tried to go in and see my files, but the file system is listed as damaged, and I can't determine if this is the partition I'm looking for. So I ran a boot sector repair, and that didn't work either. Both the original and backup boot sectors are bad.

To recap:
RAW Partition
Damaged File System
Both Boot Sectors Damaged

Anyone have any suggestions? I'd at least like to be able to save the data off of it so I can send the drive back into Buffalo for a replacement.
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  1. IIRC some external cases use some form of encryption or something, so it has to be plugged into that case.

    Can you test it, in the case, on another system or OS?
  2. No dice. "USB Device Not Recognized"
    My initial suspicion that the auxiliary hardware that is inside the case is bad seems to be true.

    Anything else you can think of?
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    You may need to look on the PCB for failed components, as it looks like it needs to be going through that board to be read.
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