h80i fans not detected ! corsair link

hi i need some help couse the h80i isnt in the corsair link program so i cant controll my fans or anything only my graphics card and i can see my cpu and thats it why isnt the h80i detected? the corsair logo on the pump is lid up white... whats the problem? please help me
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    What version of windows do you have? If you have Windows 8 or 8.1, this is a known issue by Corsair. There is a simple registry fix you can do to fix this. Here is the video:

    I've been on multiple threads trying to get Corsair to resolve this issue with very little progress. I've updated my versions of corsair link 3 times and even tried the newest beta but issues continue. This should hopefully resolve your issue. I agree in advance if you state that their should just be a new version that works but to my knowledge there is not. Good luck!


    Justin S.
  2. i have the same problem but on windows 10, any tip man?
  3. Rjordian said:
    i have the same problem but on windows 10, any tip man?

    Yeah, sorry for the late response but my solution was to take one of my other adapters and plug it into the cooler and run it outside of the case and into my motherboard. using the included cable that has to connect to those pin ports didn't work for me. so yeah any adapter will do i used a charging cable from my ps3 controllers.. lol.. xd

    And thanks for responding Justin :)
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