New Budget Home Theatre PC help

Posting again as I got no help before :/

- Intel Pentium G3220
- MSI H81M-P33
- Kingston HyperX Fury 4GB 1600MHz DDR3
- Transcend SSD340 64GB SATA 6Gbps Solid State Drive
- Raidmax Stingray
- Raidmax 300W PSU


**Please no AMD solutions**
1. Are parts the parts compatible?
2. How much will the idle Power Consumption be used at (Power Supply Experts help greatly appreciated :ange:)
3. How fast will it boot ? (Averagely, with full proper defrags)
4. Is $279.39 okay for this build (maybe a little higher due to my country being Sri Lanka) ?
5. Is 4GB RAM enough ? (Using for watching 1080p movies, streaming video , and light browsing)
6. Will Broadwell work with this setup ?
7. Is 1600Mhz RAM worth it over 1333MHz (I will upgrade processor later), I chose the Kingston HyperX Fury for its looks that i like (heatsink) ?
8.Are the parts durable,How long would the lifetime be?(using dust filters and in a desk environment)?
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    Get yourself a better power supply, preferably from corsair or rosewill. Raidmax has a reputation for bad PSU's, with some exploding. Here's a good one: with an ssd, it should boot pretty fast. 4 GB of Ram should be plenty of RAM, and just stick with 1600 Mhz. Happy building!
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