Wondering if it's time to upgrade the 7870 ghz ed video card

Hi, I purchased a sapphire 7870 2gb Ghz Ed card back in Oct. Shortly there after the R9 line was released. I've noticed that my card is commonly considered a legacy card now. It still pulls Ultra to high settings in the games I play, mostly WoW. There is a new xpack coming out towards the end of the 4th quarter and Im wondering if I should go for an upgrade before hand. Im using an 8320 cpu and 16 gigs of ram on an msi board. Is this card going to hang on at its current performance for a few more years or should i buy a new one and gift the 7870 to a friend?
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    why not add a second 7870? that's a very powerful combo
  2. No need to upgrade in my opinion, I would say you can wait for either the R9 to get cheaper a bit, or newer GPUs are out. The 7870 is a great video card.

    Don't be like those Apple fanboys whom whenever a new iPhone is out, they go and buy it and it only has very few changes (A little bit longer, a little bit slimmer, slight changes to the cover, etc..)

    Plus, the R9 uses more than 1.5 more power than the 7870.
  3. THanks for your answers guys! Lowrideflow I am considering adding a 2nd 7870. Theyre kind of hard to find tho. I saw a few on Ebay. But they were used... Im not too comfortable buying that sight unseen.
    MJaourne, I wasn't so much wanting the newest thing as not wanting to be having extinct hardware after a big purchase. I've had a card go from awesome to crap quick before and was just paranoid lol.. thanks for your input! I wasn't aware of the power increase, that would have meant a new psu too!
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