Difference between these two motherboards?


What differences are there? and what should i buy? thanks.
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  1. what's the rest of your specs and do you plan to overclock? if it's a budget machine and no OC, then whichever is cheaper... the EVO is better if overclocking
  2. Gtx 760


    And no i will not be overclocking, the evo is only £5 more on amazon. thanks.
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    The diffrence is between the ports the EVO R2.0 have IEEE 1394 port, four eSATA 6GB/s, DTS supprot and a DIGI+ power control support. While the non-EVO does not.
  4. I have two variants of mobos - : TA970, A58MDP..Can anyone help me with difference between the two and what are the USP's of these mobos?

    Thanks in advance!!!
  5. They are Biostar models...
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