Need Help with New Gaming Laptop Search! ~$2700

I have been searching for the perfect laptop for me. This laptop will need to be a gaming laptop that has equal quality for design work. I have recently purchased a Sager NP8258-S and was very unimpressed with the display quality. I currently work on a early-2010 Macbook Pro and game on a desktop rig with a matte screen so i know the advantages and disadvantages of both matte vs glossy. I feel like a glossy display will be the best for my design work but will be willing to compromise if the display is the quality of my desktop monitor here
The closest I have now is the Alienware 17 but the display concerns me.

Price of up to $2700

The specs I want are as followed:
- i7-4700MQ
- Nvidia 880m
- 8Gb ram (at least)
- A banging display that is Crystal clear and great color
(i.e. not the problem with the blue hue of the Alienware 17)

Thank you all in advance.
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  1. Have you checked any of the laptops out at
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  3. lowriderflow said:

    +1 for the ASUS ROG G750JZ-DS71 This thing is a beast and about the most powerful laptop you can find.

    You also have some money left over in your budget should you want to add larger/more SSD's.
  4. @Snipergod87 I bought the Sager through Xotic but the middle man thing was kind of a hassle. I am still waiting for RMA on the Sager I bought from Xotic.

    @lowriderflow Is the Asus display TN or IPS? It needs to be very very good.
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