2 SSD's One Partition? Without Raid 0

I have a 32 GB SSD and a 1 TB Hard drive in my rig. The 32 GB is about to be filled and I'm wondering if it's possible that If I buy another 32 GB SSD, I will be able to make them appear as one through drive partition without going Raid 0 so I don't loose all my files present on the SSD.
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  1. in windows 7, i'm pretty sure that's a negative. I dont think you cajust add on to a phsyical drive from another.

    if you had two partitioins on one physicaly drive... like a 1 tb split 500/500, you can add from one to the other.
  2. lol, don't get the PNY optima. they have a very high failure rate. However, newegg has the PNY XLR8 240gb for $100 and the XLR8 pro 240gb for $110. i just scooped up the pro :0
  3. Sorry, forgot to include I'm on Windows 8.1. Is it possible for me to just transfer my data over to another SSD without a fresh re install?
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    It is possible to clone the drive but a fresh install is best.
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