Which gaming pc is best for settings, fps, and graphics

Which gaming computer should I get of these? Also if you can fix them up a little and keep the price the same or lower please do. Also which one would run games
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  1. the last 2 you posted are the best, and they are identical XD
  2. Danbuscus25 said:
    the last 2 you posted are the best, and they are identical XD

    Which last? The ones before with just 2? And which number is it on this post?
  3. Best answer

    this one is the best out of all of them, you just listed this one twice.
  4. I don't think I would pick any one, exactly.

    Here are some general principles:

    The cpu is less important than the graphics card.
    I would budget 2x the cpu cost for the graphics card.

    How good your graphics card needs to be is determined by your monitor and desired settings.
    A card like the GTX760 or R9-270X will play well at high settings at 1080P.
    If you are looking at 1440P, something stronger like GTX770 or R9-280X is in order
    If you are looking at 4k gaming or triple monitors, then you are looking at dual gpu configurations.

    On the cpu side, core speed matters more than the number of cores. Few games can make use effectively of more than 2-3 cores.
    If your budget is limited, consider a fast intel dual core enabling you to afford a stronger graphics card.
    In particular, I would try to wait a bit and see what the upcoming Pentium K offers.

    On the psu, the wattage you need is determined by the graphics cards.
    Here is a handy chart for sizing:
    And... buy only a quality unit.
    Seasonic, XFX are favorites.
  5. the 8320 and a cooler is the best cpu configuration with the 770 for gaming, if he gets a slower cpu and faster gpu then the cpu will bottleneck the gpu.
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