Noisy power supply. Can ISO-450 fan be controlled?

Hi. My home build setup incorporates a ISO Switching PS model ISO-450PP. The fan is very noisy, much noisier than the cpu fan. Is there a way of controlling this?

In the BIOS I have found "cool and quiet" but this relates to the cpu.
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  1. That PSU is probably a cheap generic, struggling to keep itself cool. Likely good for half its label, it is a firecracker with an uncertain fuse.
    I would suggest a search for "ISO-450PP." Many of the sites are Russian, and I cannot reach them at work, but Hardware Insights apparently blew one up during testing.
  2. I did a search, plenty of results like "for sale on eBay", but no sign of manufacturer website or support. In fact I have been using it over several years but just got round to trying to do something about the noise! I am not reporting a fault, it's always been like this. I assume it can't be controlled from the BIOS. I think it came with the case, which may be a Foxconn.
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