windows 7 file overlay install

Can you re-install windows 7 by overlaying the files already in place. i 'm running a 64bit copy
and want to correct various errors in the os.
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  1. sfc /scannow

    What exactly is the problem? Don't try a 'fix' at that level unless you know exactly what the issue is.
  2. when windows loads up i receive the message loading files . it stays in that loop for about 10 min then loads. timing issues with ms/office typing stops after a couple of sentences of typing in word. system should work faster and smoother. I've had the laptop about two years came installed with windows 7 64bit, and 4gig of memory. mind you i have roughly 179 gig of files and videos.
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    With that level of weirdness, I'd do a full reinstall.
    You can't just paste new random OS files (from where?) and hope that it fixes it.

    Get a 1TB external drive, copy all your personal files and whatnot to it....reinstall the whole stack.
  4. that's what i was thinking. i already backed everything up on an external . the starup loop threw i still cant figure it out . i thought it might have been the MBR but at this rate i'd rather start from scratch.

    thanks for your input.
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