1TB 5400 rpm Hybrid Hard Drive vs 1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive?

Im very thankful for my previous threads being answered. Im greatly sorry for these many threads being made. But this will be the last one, I promise!

In this section of the hard drive, I'm given the option to use either the Hybrid or the other.

My only question is, will I need the hybrid? or will I still be ok with the cheaper one? As you've noticed from my previous thread. The only games I will be playing are

S4 League
Tales Runner
Rumble Fighter

And that is about it. Most of my usage will consist of mostly browsing - watching videos and such
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    The hybrid drives tend to be faster with things you do often like starting a often used program,ect.

    7200 rpm drives would be better for a hard drive only, but 5400 should be ok.

    Game's tend to load into memory and not gain any performance once loaded. Some games that load textures on the fly are better served by faster storage, but it is not essential.

    Also, make as many threads as you want(one per question, so not 30 about what hard drive :p ). That is what these forums are use for :)
  2. Thank you so much!
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