I've recently upgraded my desktop from a 500 GB HDD to a 2 tb hybrid drive. Question is should I keep a 4 GB ready boost flash

SSHD optimization. After upgrading to a Seagate 2 TB SSHD with a 6 GB solid state cashe, should I use a 4 GB flash drive (mounted on USB 2) for READYBOOST? Running discspeed gives no conclusive answers (I.e. variations between runs approaches the variance between with and without the flash drive mounted. The majority of my usage is sequential files: wp, spreadsheet, tax preparation.
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    Readyboost does not actually speed up your drive. Readyboost utilizes the usb flash memory as if it were system memory. This extra memory allows Windows to operate faster due to the extra memory from the flash drive. If you have 1Gb of ram or less, you will see a real performance boost...however, if you have more, you are not going to notice at all.
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