High CPU temp? (fx6300)

Hey guys, I just replaced my old phenom 965 with a fx6300 and the temperatures seem a bit too high for me. Is an idle temp of 40C within safe conditions?

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  1. idle temps dont mean as much as under load temps.40c to me is a little high but more important is what are the temps under load?
  2. What is the cooler and load temps?

    Idle 40 with the stock cooler is reasonable (not the best word, its expected from the stock cooler)
    My 965 idles 38C under water.
  3. Sorry, I'm using a CM 212 plus, so I kinda expected the idle temps to be lower. I ran prime95 for 20 minutes and the highest temp was 57C. I'm running stock settings.
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    Idle its a bit much, but under that load its still ok. As long as you dont pass 60 theres nothing to worry about, especially since you wont hit Prime loads in daily use.
  5. I would take off the CPU cooler and put some high quality thermal paste on it, they aren't dangerous yet but over time they will get hotter.

    The TMPIN4 temperature seems really high though. Any idea what that is?
  6. Thanks Gam3r01,
    Do you know how much OCing from 3.5ghz to 4.2 ghz would impact videogames?
  7. Well up from 3.4 to 4.2 it allowed me to run a 760 without bottleneck, so it was worth it for me. Depending on games I gained 5 up to 20 FPS.
  8. Thanks for the advice zeph_yr, I'll keep monitoring the temps and if I see the temps going over 60C, I'll be sure to buy some high quality paste. Any recommendations?
  9. Arctic MX-4 is always a good starting point.
  10. 1) You are interpretting Thermal Margin in AMD Overdrive incorrectly. It's not a temperature. It's a margin.

    2) The other 3rd party programs are incompatible.

    C'mon guys read the faq I made and pass it along so that folks aren't posting this problem 20 times per hour.
    An Understanding of Temperature on AMD CPUs and APUs
    Does HWMonitor say your CPU/APU temp is 70C when idling but your CPU socket feels cool to the touch? Is Core Temp only reading 10C but it's not possible because your room is 28C? The reason is that these and other 3rd party programs are not interpreting... Read More
  11. Thanks for the information damric, it appears I'm running at 3.8Ghz with a vcore voltage of 1.4v...
    Is the core voltage unreasonably high?
  12. Not unreasonable at all. In that screenshot your CPU is in a Turbo P State, and stock VID for that can vary much, that's actually on the low-medium side.
  13. Alright I guess I'll stick to stock settings, it doesn't look like OCing would be a good choice. Thanks for all your help guys.
  14. krymzon said:
    Alright I guess I'll stick to stock settings, it doesn't look like OCing would be a good choice. Thanks for all your help guys.

    If your 212 Evo is having a hard time, then consider only tweaking the Turbo P States in AMD Overdrive so that you can get some higher clocks on the cores actively being used while the idle cores are downclocked.
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